Best Harley Stereo Upgrade

A motorcycle is an excellent mode of transportation, but it can be enhanced by the addition of a good audio. Riding a Harley with an aftermarket audio might make your trip more pleasurable and help you avoid driving monotony. Motorcycles and music go hand in hand, and there’s no need to miss out on this pleasure when riding your bike. A decent Harley Stereo will make your ride more enjoyable, safer, more comfortable for both the rider and passengers, and even more visually appealing.


Best Overall harley stereo upgrade

Aquatic AV MP5

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Best performance harley stereo upgrade

Fosgate PMX-HD9813

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Best budget harley stereo upgrade


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Harley-Davidson motorcycles are often regarded as among the most sleek and powerful in the world. However, not every rider feels the same amount of comfort on these motorcycles. It can be really aggravating, especially if you are stopped in traffic for several hours. Music with no distortions will keep your spirits up throughout these tough moments. You can easily solve this problem by purchasing a high-quality Stereo for Harley Davidson.

Quick Shopping Tips

It is critical to keep your needs and budget in mind when buying for a Harley radio. Here are some pointers to help you select the finest stereo for your bike:

Your Purchasing Goal: The first thing you should examine is why you are purchasing an audio system. There are stereos on the market that can play music from your smartphone as well as USB devices. Make certain that the stereo system you purchase can play all or most of your favorite media formats.

Features: If you intend to ride your bike for long distances, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality Harley stereo with Bluetooth connectivity and an in-built microphone and speakers. This way, you may make hands-free calls while driving without having to invest in costly Bluetooth helmet devices.

Installation: You should also consider the space available on your bike for installing the sound system you intend to purchase. Make certain that you do not get speakers or equipment that are either too large or too little for your bike. Measure the space where the speakers will be installed and then purchase them accordingly.

Warranty: Most importantly, ensure that your audio system comes with a warranty of at least six months, so that if anything goes wrong with it during this time period, you can have it repaired or replaced without having to pay too much.

At a Glance:

  1. Aquatic AV MP5
  2. Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813
  3. Pyle PLMRKT48BK Bluetooth Stereo
  4. Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H Stereo
  5. Sony XAV-AX7000
  6. Jensen HD1BT
  7. Alpine CDE-HD149BT
  8. EnrockMarine W10-CW3

Our Recommendation for Best Harley Stereo Upgrade

Aquatic AV MP5
Aquatic AV MP5 (Image credit: Amazon)

Aquatic AV MP5

Best Harley Stereo Upgrade


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Control Method: hand controls | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Easy Installation

Bluetooth, USB support

It has a clock that scrolls on the display



Some users are experiencing problems with mobile charging.

The Aquatic AV MP5 is a great option if you want to easily add Bluetooth music capabilities to your Harley. This deck arrives in a nice box and is well-packaged, making it simple to assemble. The faceplate will not attach to the unit without significant force, so be cautious when installing to avoid losing the faceplate if it is not fully attached to the rest of the deck. The glove box with the auxiliary cord and USB port is a farce, with barely enough room for a phone, let alone one plugged into the aux. The USB port is only used for charging.

FM Radio is a handy feature that lets you listen to music from local FM radio stations. This means you won’t have to keep plugging in your phone to listen to music. Most Aquatic stereos, including the ones mentioned above, support AM/FM radio. It’s a huge plus that this Harley Stereo upgrade kit connects to your existing factory stereo connectors. This eliminates the need to cut and splice wires. You only need to plug in the new stereo to get started.

The Aquatic AV stereo is intended to be plugged directly into your factory connectors. This means that no installation is required, and it can be completed in a matter of minutes. The installation procedure for other Harley stereos may differ. However, the majority of these stereos come with detailed instructions that will make installation simple.

On Amazon, the Aquatic AV MP5 has a 4.5-star rating, with customers stating that it is simple to install and has excellent sound quality. The majority of customers found the Bluetooth connection to be quick and simple to use, and they enjoyed the sound quality of their music when using this deck. One customer stated that they had to contact Aquatic AV customer service because their unit was not working, and Aquatic AV was able to assist them in resolving the problem.

Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813
Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 (Image credit: Amazon)

Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813

Best High Performance Harley Stereo Upgrade


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Control Method: Remote | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming with pairing capabilities


Improved sound quality



The Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Receiver is no doubt a high-end product for enhancing your Harley’s audio system. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled, SiriusXM-ready receiver with a 3-inch display, Full-color, ultra-bright TFT display, weatherproofing technology, and big buttons that are easy to use even with gloves. It’s also simple to use. Simply insert the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Receiver into your existing factory wiring harness and connectors for an immediate sound system upgrade.

With an ultra-bright 3″ full color TFT display, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Receiver is perfect for use in both day and night conditions. It features a Day/Night mode (dims screen to save power during day) with adjustable brightness levels making it easy on the eyes no matter the lighting situation.

The Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Receiver is SiriusXM-ready and requires the SiriusXM SXV300 tuner (sold separately) for activation. With this tuner, you’ll have access to SiriusXM’s programming lineup of over 150 channels including commercial-free music, plus news, sports, talk, and comedy.

Furthermore, it is designed as a direct replacement media receiver, requiring no additional wiring or cutting when using the factory wire harnesses, connectors, and mounting points. This means you don’t have to worry about splicing cables all over the place—all it’s there for you! Using the existing mount points will also save time on installation.

Pyle PLMRKT48BK Bluetooth Stereo
Pyle PLMRKT48BK Bluetooth Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Pyle PLMRKT48BK Bluetooth Stereo

Best Budget Harley Stereo Upgrade


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Control Method: Remote | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


3.5mm Input jack

Kit includes installation guide



Very few sound adjustments

The sound quality is not much good

The Pyle Bluetooth Marine Stereo Kit comes with a radio receiver as well as four waterproof speakers. The kit’s single DIN universal standard head unit includes built-in Bluetooth, an AM/FM radio with 30 presets, a USB flash drive reader, a micro SD memory card reader, and an Aux (3.5mm) input jack. You will be able to connect and stream audio from all of today’s most recent devices (like smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players). Because of the integrated microphone on the receiver’s front panel, Bluetooth allows for easy wireless music streaming as well as hands-free talking.

With digital audio file support, you can stream your entire MP3 playlist while having quick access to the front panel control Centre and digital LCD display screen. The four 6.5” -inch included component speakers provide full range stereo sound reproduction and are universal standard sizes for quick OEM speaker replacement. The full range stereo sound reproduction will give your music a new level of depth and quality while the 2-way dual cone speakers provide an immersive listening experience. The kit’s PLL tuning radio system ensures clear reception of radio frequencies while you are on the go. The kit comes with a USB flash drive reader for reading digital audio files of external storage devices, along with an FM/AM tuner for listening to radio stations without having to rely on your phone or tablet.

The LCD screen gives you the ability to control different aspects of your unit. The LCD screen allows you to control various aspects of your unit. The large digital display presents all of your information in a clear format for clear understanding. Push-button controls are located on the front panel, making it simple and easy to navigate through your system. The built-in microphone on the front of the receiver allows for hands-free communication and clear voice capture.

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H Stereo
Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H Stereo (Image credit: Amazon)

Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5BT-H Stereo


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth | Control Method: Handlebar controls, thumb | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Built-in 288W amplifier

IP55 Rated

Internal device shelf


USB port for charging only

The Aquatic AV Bluetooth Stereo AQ-MP-5BT-H is an excellent choice for Harley-Davidson riders looking for upgraded stereo system. This product is intended to be simple to install, with a plug-and-play connection to the Harley-Davidson factory stereo wiring. It also includes Bluetooth support. Riders value the ability to listen to music or the news while riding, and this stereo has FM/AM radio capabilities. The device also includes 30 presets for US and European stations, allowing users to quickly find their favorite channels.

This stereo also has an internal device shelf, which is ideal for storing your smartphone or media player while riding. You won’t have to worry about your device flying out of your hands while you’re driving. The IP55 rating indicates that this product can be used in any environment while providing a high level of water protection. This stereo is ideal if you want an upgraded sound system that is weather-resistant and versatile enough to be used in any situation.

Sony XAV-AX7000
Sony XAV-AX7000 (Image credit: Amazon)

Sony XAV-AX7000

Best Touchscreen Harley Stereo Upgrade


Connectivity Technology: USB | Control Method: Voice | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Pre outs are included

You can connect multiple devices

Voice control


The Unit is a bit large and might not fit in all vehicles

The Bluetooth range could be better.

The Sony XAV-AX7000 is one of the top options available for your Harley. It has a decently sized display, so it will look good on your dashboard. But what makes this particular stereo so good is the amount of functionality you get for such a low price.

The only way to get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your dashboard is to upgrade to a 6.95-inch screen. And, thanks to the high definition resolution, you get plenty of pixel density even when this stereo is mounted in close quarters. You’ll also appreciate that the screen has an anti-glare coating. This reduces reflections from the sun and other light sources, allowing you to see what’s going on even in direct sunlight.

Voice commands can be used to send messages and launch applications. Sony’s superior voice recognition technology, which is built into this incredible stereo, makes all of this possible. When it comes to apps, there are plenty to choose from, including Weblink for entertainment and Waze for navigation. You’ll also get iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and Audible audiobooks. The voice control is a fantastic feature that allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

There are numerous reasons why this is one of the best Harley Stereo upgrade options available at the moment, but what truly distinguishes it from other similar models is its price. It’s one of the most affordable products on our list, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a low-cost option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

Jensen HD1BT
Jensen HD1BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Jensen HD1BT


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Control Method: Remote | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


50 watts of power output so you can hear music at all volumes.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Great for any type of weather


SiriusXM subscription and separate tuner are required for use.

The Jensen HD1BT is the first replacement radio designed to fit into a Harley-Davidson factory opening with no extra mounting kit or brackets required. This robust radio was constructed from the ground up for this use and contains everything the factory radios don’t have, plus it’s made to withstand the harsh climate that motorbikes face.

The radio was particularly designed to fit into the opening in your motorbike without the use of any extra mounting brackets or adapters. It fits into the aperture and is held in place by the original screws. The HD1BT is intended to protect your device from the elements. Both the face and the chassis are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about rain or snow hurting your device.

The HD1BT has automated station storage capabilities, which helps to shorten scan time while looking for different radio channels. With 12 AM and 18 FM station memory settings, you can listen to your favorite radio stations from throughout the country with ease. It also has search tuning and RBDS, allowing you to always have the most up-to-date news, weather, and sports information at your fingertips. It also has a fashionable red backlight that will set your motorcycle out from the crowd.

The HD1BT includes a built-in NOAA Weatherband receiver, giving you ongoing access to the most up-to-date weather information. Whether it’s a rainstorm or an ice storm, you’ll know about it before it happens.

Alpine CDE-HD149BT
Alpine CDE-HD149BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Alpine CDE-HD149BT


Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Control Method: Voice | Color: Black | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Play CDs

High-pass filters for sound improvement


Difficult to see the screen in direct sunlight

The Alpine CDE-HD149BT is a high-end vehicle audio head unit with a plethora of capabilities such as Bluetooth connectivity, NFC pairing, and hands-free calling. The CDE-HD149BT also includes a built-in amplifier, three band parametric EQ, and high pass filters for audio. The head unit also features a USB port, so you may listen to music directly from a USB flash drive or memory stick. It is also SiriusXM-Ready, which means you can connect it to your vehicle sound system and listen to SiriusXM satellite radio.

The Alpine CDE-HD149BT also has an auxiliary input for connecting an additional audio source to your motorcycle entertainment system. The head unit’s subwoofer output lets you connect a powered subwoofer to your system for even more bass. If your vehicle radio system has a rear-view camera, an AUX input, or a navigation system, this head unit is compatible with all of them.

The addition of a CD receiver is one of the distinguishing CDE-HD149BT’s characteristics that are not seen on many other stereo head units, particularly for Harley. The CD receiver allows you to listen to music from any CD in your vehicle.

The CDE-HD149BT has built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to easily and wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the head unit. The head unit also includes NFC pairing, which makes it possible to quickly and easily pair your devices by simply touching them together. Once paired, the Bluetooth connection is stable and does not cut out even when driving on rough roads.

EnrockMarine W10-CW3
EnrockMarine W10-CW3 (Image credit: Amazon)

EnrockMarine W10-CW3


Connectivity Technology: USB | Control Method: Remote | Color: White | Harley-Davidson compatibility: Yes


Included remote control

Adjustable EQs for customization of sound experience

UV resistant housing prevents fading or cracking from sunlight exposure


Only comes in white color

50 watt maximum per channel could be better for Harley-Davidson

There’s a lot to like about the EnrockMarine stereo. Not only can you listen to music via AM/FM radio, but it also allows for excellent sound adjustment, ensuring that you always have the best listening experience. The EQ controls are straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to adjust bass, treble, and balance from the front of your stereo. It includes a remote control so you can adjust the volume and settings without getting out of your car, as well as a 3.5mm aux jack for connecting an external MP3 player.

The stereo housing is UV resistant to prevent fading or cracking, and it is also strong enough to withstand water damage. Because of its universal design, this head unit will fit almost any boat or Harley-Davidson, as long as you have the appropriate mounting brackets (included). The U-shaped bracket also makes installation simple, whether you want to mount above or below your headlight. The included screws can also be used for permanent mounting on boats or other surfaces. This marine stereo housing is compatible with stereos that have both two post/removable and DIN-style mounting terminals, which is a nice bonus because many universal marine stereos only fit one or the other.


When you choose to upgrade your Harley stereo, you have a few different options to choose from. The best option for you is determined by your requirements and what you want from a stereo system. All of the stereos in this article have something special to offer, so read the descriptions thoroughly before making a decision. Any of these stereos would be an excellent choice for your Harley, with Bluetooth capabilities, weather resistance, and a variety of sound adjustments.

If you’re still undecided about which stereo to buy, the Aquatic AV MP5 is a great choice. This stereo has a number of features that make it ideal for riders, including Bluetooth support and an internal device shelf. It also includes a 288W amplifier and a USB charging port. I hope this article was helpful and that you are now able to make an informed decision about the best Harley stereo upgrade for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Harley Davidson Stereo Upgrade?

This is a question that does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on their needs and budget, various Harley riders require different audio systems. Aquatic AV and Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 stereo are, however, two of the best Harley Davidson stereos on the market.

What type of Harley-Davidson audio system should you purchase?

The best audio system for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is one that is long-lasting, of high quality, and meets your needs and budget. In the event that your system needs to be repaired or replaced, you should buy one with a warranty.

Is a wired or wireless Harley-Davidson stereo better?

It all comes down to the rider’s personal preferences and financial constraints. Most people, on the other hand, prefer wireless models because they are quick and easy to set up and use.

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